Here are some options to help your deals and store get noticed!

ADD A STORE for just $25/year

Adding your store will put a link in the ‘Stores’ top header with your store name that will link to and allow shoppers to view a page with all deals and products from your store that have been added to AGD.

*This feature will increase your views by as much as 35%!


  1. AD PIN is an advertisement that is shown within the top 5 ‘Pins’ on most pages for 15, 30, 60, or 90 days. Current Price is $20/7 days, $30/15 days, $50/30 days, $75/60 days, and $100/90 days.
  2. FEATURED TEXT HEADER AD is your store name/link in the header of most pages that links to a page that shows all ‘deals/pins’ that have been added by your store. This price is $20/30 days.
  3. LARGE BANNER HEADER AD is a large (1000px x 600px) image advertisement that is shown on most pages just under the navigation bar area and above all pins. This is sold either one day at a time for $50/day or $150 for a week (7 days).

If you are interested in any of these features/ads, please email us at: